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Sunday, April 4th, 2004:

NOTE: BBK representatives are BBKUS (Marc C) and Tommy_Boyd (Jason Turner). 
Chat moderators are master_q and Alterego
Transcript has been edited slightly for clarification purposes.

master_q : Let's welcome bbkus & Tommy Boyd! They represent the Bring Back Kirk (bbk)
group. We are in the chat room to 'interview' them..... to hear *their* opinions and *their* views. So
let's welcome them aboard!

Indy : welcome!!!

Tommy_Boyd : Thank you

BBKUS : I just want to say it's a pleasure to be invited.

MrLokiWolfe : welcome

Tommy_Boyd : great to be here

scaleman : hello

master_q : First I'm going ask some general questions to our guests. After that all of you are free
to ask them a few questions you may have.... Thanks!

BBKUS : Sounds good.

Alterego : All guests are asked to now become silent while MQ holds an interview, chat in PM if

master_q : How exactly do you guys want to bring back Kirk? (A full featured movie, brand
new series, guest appearances on ent, ....)

BBKUS : We're very open minded on this subject. Basically, our goal is to see Kirk have a
happy ending after Generations

Tommy_Boyd : Right now our main emphasis is Enterprise. It's the most practical avenue, but
we don't object to any of the mentioned.

BBKUS : The key to us is getting the character a canonical happy ending. So a movie, TV
movie, guest on Enterprise, or any format that is canon is what we want

master_q : A reasonable question would have to be --- Why bring back Kirk?.......... What
caused all of you to start bbk?

BBKUS : It should be noted that earlier this week, William Shatner mentioned that he has an
idea to bring Kirk on Enterprise

BBKUS : Captain Kirk is not about death. Neither was tos. The character should end on a
happy note--looking for that next adventure

master_q : I see

Tommy_Boyd : I think we all came in at different times and for different reasons. But most of us
were pretty appalled with Generations and wanted to get the character back with a bit more dignity.

BBKUS : hhad ST6 been the finale, that would have been perfect, but the idea that Captain
Kirk was splatted on a few mountains in a death that was meaningless to the plot is just awful

master_q : Yeah, recently William Shatner has said that he has "written a scenario" that may
actually bring back Kirk. That must be very exciting news for all of you at bbk!

master_q : If all of you remember in the Star Trek IV Collectors DVD Edition - in the audio
commentary ---- Shatner mentioned that he wishes that they did more Star Trek movies.

BBKUS : No doubt. We just want Paramount to listen. BBK has a pretty strong number of fans
behind it.

Tommy_Boyd : Definitely. It really is out of our hands as to the politics involved. Having Mr
Shatner get to the negotiating table and pitching an idea is really the next best step.

master_q : Some people argue that William Shatner is too old to play to play Kirk. Is that a
reasonable argument or no?

BBKUS : And he should. It's a waste of an excellent resource not to take advantage of Mr.
Shatner. I've found that most of the TOS actors simply want to be asked, and would love to return if the
script is right.

Tommy_Boyd : YYes, he and Nimoy both agreed on that.

BBKUS : David Gerrold said it best. As long as he is willing and able to get out of bed, he
should be allowed to play the part. John Glenn was shot into space on the shuttle at the age of 76. Mr.
Shatner is younger, and Glenn did it in the real world.

Tommy_Boyd : It depends on whether or not anyone can be too old to play a character. He'd
just be Kirk but aged 73 now.

master_q : Yeah I agree with that

master_q : A confusion a few people seem to have is during the trailer and what it may
represent. Is the trailer meant to show an actual storyline in which BBK would like to see in action?

BBKUS : No one is expecting the flying drop kick or double fisted punch. But the Kirk of twok
or Balance of Terror can work. And I've seen Mr. Shatner in Spplat Attack, his paintball dvd. The man
at 70 has more energy than people half his age

master_q : ....... Some people seem to think that the second official trailer suggests that the BBK
group wants to combine all five series into one project with the return of Kirk. Is that true?

BBKUS : No. The trailer is simply meant to show how exciting Kirk's return could be. It shows
that Kirk fits in to the modern era. It's meant to show possibilities

master_q : What can people do if they want to support your guys’ group and want to bring back

Tommy_Boyd : Storyline, definitely not. We deliberately took a story that we knew they
couldn't and wouldn't do. The narrative was merely to show the possibilities. You'd never see all that
happen on Trek, but seeing Kirk appear on Archer's bridge for example is doable.

BBKUS : Star Trek is one big universe. Mr. Shatner has had a lot of success with the crossover
material. Inevitably, his return would be a crossover of sorts, either in cinema or Enterprise.

master_q : Ok --- I'm glad we cleared that up for the people that were confused about that

BBKUS : Well, first, check out There, you will see addresses for fans
to write to Paramount. You will also see we have both a newsletter and a discussionlist for people to
follow what we're doing.

BBKUS : The key is to just keep hounding Paramount with letters.

Tommy_Boyd : We have an official newsletter at the site and
everything we do and are about to do is available immediately for our subscribers.

master_q : Referring to the second official trailer..... in basic terms how did you guys go about
creating it? It is an impressive trailer. It probably took a lot of work.

BBKUS : Talk it up as well. You can see Mr. Shatner wants back in, and Star Trek could
certainly use the ratings boost that Kirk's return would inevitably provide.

BBKUS : I'll let Jason handle that one--he's one of the fab 3.

Tommy_Boyd : Thank you. It was a labour of love and a lot of sweat. We knew we'd come a
long way since we did the first trailer and we knew we could offer something different and better. That it
nearly killed us is nothing compared to the great emails and feedback.

BBKUS : I'll just add that what I found impressive was that three people, with a budget of
$0.00, did this. None of them met, and each one is from a separate country. usa, UK, and Netherlands.
If they could do this, imagine what Paramount could do.

master_q : It is impressive and from my view point I support what all of you are doing

Tommy_Boyd : Well to be truthful there was a wine budget. But it wasn't Chatteux Picard. We
have to wait a few centuries for that :)

BBKUS : Trials and Tribbleations scored a rating of 7.7. No Trek episode has done as well
since. That episode did 35% higher than the average DS9 episode that year. Imagine what the real
return of Kirk on Enterprise would do for that show.

Tommy_Boyd : Thank you very much.

BBKUS : We appreciate all the support.

master_q : But do you think that will still hold true today?

BBKUS : Absolutely.

master_q : Why?

Tommy_Boyd : I think people are more into nostalgia and heroes as much as ever. Christopher
Reeve for example knocked up the highest rating for Smallville ever. People love these guys.

BBKUS : Just last November, the highest rated Sweeps show was Andy Griffith standing
around talking with Ron Howard and Don Knotts. Christopher Reeve's stint on Smallville was that
show's highest rated episode

BBKUS : People love this stuff.

BBKUS : Look at all the buzz our trailer got. Imagine what the real thing would do, with Mr.
Shatner promoting it. Enterprise would get much needed press.

BBKUS : That leads to ratings.

Tommy_Boyd : Also bear in mind that William Shatner is doing his third successful Kirk trilogy,
set after Generations.

BBKUS : Ratings leads to higher advertising rates.

master_q : That is true

BBKUS : Jason is right. The Shatnerverse books are among Pocket's bestsellers. THE return
was one of the best selling books ever.

Tommy_Boyd : Ratings aren't really what animates our campaign, but it could be a bi-product if
people tune in to see Kirk and also see what a great show they're missing.

BBKUS : More important, if Enterprise truly has 12 episodes with 12 on the bubble, the ratings
from using 2 of those episodes for a Kirk return would go a long way to convincing UPN to renew the
show for a full year.

BBKUS : Kirk's return would be the opposite of the Kobayashi Maru. It would be the no-lose
scenario. Fans win because they get Kirk back. Trek wins because one of its greatest characters
returns. UPN wins because of ratings.

master_q : So all of you do think that bringing back Kirk would reenergize Star Trek

Tommy_Boyd : And don't forget the merchandising :D

BBKUS : If done right, the character could return to other eras as well.

BBKUS : Absolutely. Like the character or not, he gets your attention. Even those against the
campaign will watch. Again, everyone wins.

Tommy_Boyd : Plus Bill is getting back into episodic television to great reviews. He's definitely
in a position to pull this off.

master_q : If anyone has any questions for are guests then ask

BBKUS : TOS hasn't been used for real in 10 years. The return of Kirk would be a major shot
in the arm.

Alterego : I reccomend we have questions from the STF members in alpha. order. Question
from Data?

Tommy_Boyd : Cool. Hi Data

BBKUS : All we ask is one at a time. Makes it easier.

Data : I am curious about the happy ending idea.

BBKUS : Well, the idea is that Kirk is not a character you need to see die. See ST6 for an
example. The endings of Avenger and Preserver were also great.

BBKUS : There are characters that are just a part of our culture. You don't kill them. Batman,
Bond, etc. 

kirk1701 : Could you explain the battle scene in the BBK Trailer?

Data : How positive would the happy ending be do you think

Tommy_Boyd : Certainly Kirk is about dealing with tragedy and impossible odds. But he's
always found optimism out of those crisis. They kind of forgot that when scripting his end.

BBKUS : Captain Kirk's death not only was utterly awful, it meant nothing to the plot. If you
think about it, had they lost, they would have just gone back into the nexus and tried again. Plus, why
not just come out of the nexus a few minutes earlier and slap the cuffs on Soran?

Tommy_Boyd : Battle scene, sure what would you like to know

BBKUS : Kirk was not about death--he was about cheating it. The character still sells.

kirk1701 : Did Archer go into Kirk's era?

Data : of course anything could happen with the Nexus

Tommy_Boyd : Yes, he was in a scene set in Astro Metrics on Voyager. He helped Kirk and
Chakotay detect the Suliban base.

BBKUS : The nexus was an open enough plot device that anything could happen with it. Though
even that isn't necessary to use to bring back KIrk. We believe the writers can do it.

Tommy_Boyd : The Nexus is a loophole in that any time or place can be visited by any traveller
in there.

Alterego : Fleet captain?

master_q : Does anyone else have a question?

Fleet_Captain_Rick_Alverado : Would you support Shatner's Star Trek novels being made
canon as a way of bringing back Kirk?

MrLokiWolfe : i do

scaleman : i do

BBKUS : Absolutely. We would welcome that.

BBKUS : I love those books--read all of them.

scaleman : The Return as a movie would be great :)

Data : which would you chose first

Alterego : Wait till your name is called.

Tommy_Boyd : Yes, especially a nice nod in an episode or future movie.

Data : sorry

BBKUS : Plus, using those books allows for the use of the character without using too much
time in explaining the return.

Tommy_Boyd : The chicken or the egg? Didn't Q answer that for us ? :)

scaleman : emm, tying V'Ger with the borg was a neat idea in that book, don't you think?

Alterego : Indy?

Indy : My question has already been answered, but do you know if any of those books have
been pitched as an idea for a movie?

Indy : The Shatner books, I mean

Tommy_Boyd : V'Ger and the Borg, yes it was a nice idea. They tend to tie a lot of loose
threads up in the Shatnerverse novels.

BBKUS : yes. Shatner originally pitched the Return on the set of Generations.

BBKUS : When Berman declined, the books were born.

Indy : And it was rejected?

BBKUS : Unfortunately, yes.

Indy : ok, thanks

Alterego : Kirk1701?

BBKUS : However, there is still hope for Kirk's return, via Enterprise or any way.

scaleman : why didn't sulu make an appearance?

BBKUS : Nothing in the canon has Sulu in the 24th century. That's really the only reason.

Captain_Jean-Luc_Picard : I thought that was for the "submit a question" part. Sorry... 

kirk1701 : Talk more about the trailer....plot stills seems confusing to me alittle

Tommy_Boyd : Sulu, good question. It really had to do with too much convenience if he was.

MrLokiWolfe : doesnt bringing him back risk making it a parody off it all

BBKUS : Plenty of Trek characters have died and stayed dead. But Kirk should not be one of them.
His character needs to end on an optimistic note.

BBKUS : On the contrary, bringing him back would reinvigorate the franchise. Just look at the excitement from the trailer.

master_q : Yeah I think that's a more then reasonable question

MrLokiWolfe : But he died doing what he was best at, saving people

Tommy_Boyd : Incidentally Kirk was the only Trek main character killed without a happy ending.
Tasha Yar got a second go. Jadzia lives on in Ezri.

BBKUS : Not really. Kirk died for no reason at all. They could have just left the nexus a few minutes
earlier and slapped the cuffs on Soran

MrLokiWolfe : i felt that kirk showing he was at peace with his death was a happy ending

BBKUS : Plenty of Trek characters have died and stayed dead. But Kirk should not be one of
them. His character needs to end on an optimistic note.

BBKUS : On the contrary, bringing him back would reinvigorate the franchise. Just look at the
excitement from the trailer.

Tommy_Boyd : Incidentally Kirk was the only Trek main character killed without a happy
ending. Tasha Yar got a second go. Jadzia lives on in Ezri.

scaleman : perhaps a "return" to the signing off scene from star trek 6 is in order? ;)

Alterego : These are not questions...

BBKUS : Kirk is always about the next adventure. Plus, if Mr. Shatner wants back in, that's big.
He deserves his finale.

Tommy_Boyd : Actually if you read Shatner's movie memories the inspiration for that final scene
was that Kirk had scene the next adventure. He knew it wasn't it :)

Indy : agreed

BBKUS : Again, if Mr. Shatner was satisfied, he wouldn't have written so many books. Nor
would he be interested in resurrecting the character on Enterprise.

master_q : That is a good point

Tommy_Boyd : Also it wasn't just the fans that hated the ending. Nimoy and Takei have both
said publically that it stunk. Writers for the original series have emailed us and agreed that it wasn't
honourable and didn't do justice to the character that they wrote for.

scaleman : how about making kirk "shadow man", or would that be too cliche?

BBKUS : Star Trek is always about possibilities. Captain Kirk does not want to die. Never did.
He's a hero.

BBKUS : There are only 3 things that could make the Kirk situation worse than it currently is. 1.
Kill him again. 2. Not have him be the real Kirk. 3. Make him evil

Tommy_Boyd : I think making Kirk future guy would have been a great idea if it was the mirror
counterpart, but it wouldn't be new because the fans have tossed it around for years now :)

BBKUS : So having Kirk be future guy is just not the right thing to do.

BBKUS : But if Future Guy was indeed Tiberius, then you would need Captain Kirk back to
stop him.

Tommy_Boyd : Having Khan future guy would be cool though. Especially if the genesis wave
recreated him like it did Spock.

master_q : That would be cool

BBKUS : The key is fixing Generations. No clone, mirror double, evil twin, second death,
hologram, or any other version that isn't post Generations would work

Tommy_Boyd : Who knows Khan and the Reliant might still have been out there... And Khan
would be about the right age in the 24th century Personally, I would love to see Mike Sussman have a
crack at Kirk's return. He's shown interest in a prior interview, and he is a known TOS fan

kor37 : Would you be opposed to a younger actor playing the Kirk of the TV series era for
some guest shot on Enterprise or in a movie?

Tommy_Boyd : He's also written some of the best Enterprise and later Voyager episodes.

scaleman : seeing as how fan made series are going, is it possible that kirk could be revived on
one of those and be canon?

BBKUS : Before a younger actor can be cast, the key would be to have Shatner get his swan
song. And I think Mr. Shatner should be involved in casting a replacement. Necessary to legitimatize it.

BBKUS : Scaleman, that's up to Paramount.

kor37 : good point

Tommy_Boyd : A younger actor would be fine if they were doing the Academy years and
Shatner and Nimoy had cameos as their future selfs. But I don't see the profitablility unless you're using
Collin Farrell etc lol

Alterego : Space tigger?

Tommy_Boyd : Unfortunately Paramount view all stories by the fans, and indeed most novels by
Trek writers non-canon.

JulianBashir-Fa : How would you bring Kirk back exactly? What general ideal of the story be?

spacetigger : My questions have been answered..But has Paramount been approached with any
of this?

BBKUS : Imagine Paramount's point of view--they have to worry about their product.

Tommy_Boyd : I suppose that's a blessing too. I've read fanfics were Kirk and Spock had to
make love because Spock was on ponn farr. Each to their own but that's not the characters I remember

Indy : oh my

BBKUS : To come up with specific storylines is something that should be left to the writers. We
provided one scenario in the trailer, while Mr. Shatner showed how it could work in print. Both have
been successful

BBKUS : As for Paramount being approached, they've received plenty of mail on it. ST
Communicator once said Kirk's return was a major subject that they get constant letters on.

Tommy_Boyd : Me personally, I would have Kirk show up in Archer's time, and have Archer
not trust Kirk. For the first time in his career, Kirk would have to prove himself to people who've never
heard of him. It would be about trust, galactic consequences and T'Pol :)

Alterego : cj-lp?

master_q : Yeah, you guys have something on your website on this, correct?

Captain_Jean-Luc_Picard : Yes

BBKUS : We do. I urge people to explore thoroughly. We even
interviewed David Gerrold.

Captain_Jean-Luc_Picard : Ack, chat thing wouldn't work... K, here's my question.

Alterego : You're next Captain.

Captain_Jean-Luc_Picard : If Captain Kirk is brought back... Would we see him in a new TV
show, movie, book series, recast by a younger actor, or something else? In other words, I'm asking
"why" we would see Captain Kirk. Would he command the Enterprise-F or something?

BBKUS : Scott Bakula has mentioned it would be cool to have Kirk show up. Berman has
shown an open mind. Braga once admitted at a convention killing Kirk is a mistake. Sussman would
love to see it happen.

BBKUS : There are many possibilities for Kirk's return. Right now, we want to see Kirk, post
Generations. That's the key. Recasting wouldn't do that yet.

BBKUS : Kirk would come back for one adventure or two. It's not about re-centering the
franchise on the character or Mr. Shatner.

BBKUS : It's about giving the character a happy ending that he deserves.

Tommy_Boyd : I don't think Kirk's comeback would have to have him in a central role. He'd be
either guesting in someone elses era or kickstarting a new era. I think he can be used kind of like
Admiral Ross in ds9, as an experienced Starfleet advisor/commander capacity

master_q : Everyone have their chance to ask a question?

Tommy_Boyd : I'd have him as a recurring guest hero in Enterprise.

kirk1701 : It would be even better if Shadow Man was someone from Kirk's past, so it's more
personal for him to come back

BBKUS : There are many possibilities. Kirk's involvement should be a function of Mr. Shatner's
interest. He's a busy man with the new show next year and Miss Congeniality 2. Whatever he wants
should be what happens.

BBKUS : I agree with Jason on that.

scaleman : having watched your trailer, you have sisko return from being with the prophets,
could they somehow bring kirk back?

Tommy_Boyd : Certainly tying Kirk into the cold war time would be great. They'd have to make
sure though that Kirk was just an aid for Archer, and didn't take over Archer's mission. I'd like to see
conflict between the two characters. They're both great actors.

MrLokiWolfe : i would like to ask a question

BBKUS : The key that people should understand is that it's not about just tos. Star Trek is one
big universe. It's time to re-include tos. Mr. Shatner did that in his books, and had enormous success.

Alterego : Time for two more questions...

Tommy_Boyd : The prophets, definitely. There are so many ways Kirk can return, that's the no-
brainer part. What I'd like to know is what Shatner has in mind when he pitches to the staff, hopefully

master_q : Me 2

BBKUS : We definitely want Enterprise renewed because it leads to the possibility of a Kirk
appearance. We'd all win

Tommy_Boyd : And my colleague loves the decon scenes

Alterego : Wolfe?

MrLokiWolfe : arent you concerned that it would be viewed as only a marketing ploy, and
having kirk return even if for only a proper death could hurt the characters dignity

scaleman : maybe they could have shadow guy be shatner himself, not kirk, having ended up as
shadow guy because we got tired of his priceline commercials :D

BBKUS : There is no such thing as a proper death. Killing him again would only make the
situation worse. As for a marketing ploy, it doesn't matter. Let them market.

master_q : Again I want to thank bbkus & Tommy Boyd for coming. It has been fun. I hope in
the future all of you will come back for an update on how the BBK is doing and the progress of your

Tommy_Boyd : I think they key is his dignity was betrayed in the final scenes in Generations,
and a lot of people have turned off feeling betrayed as TOS fans themselves. Kirk's dignity has always
been in the characters ability to change the rules

BBKUS : But the bottom line is that marketing is based on fan demand, and that's what the
return of Kirk has.

master_q : Do any of you have any final thoughts, bbkus & Tommy?

BBKUS : Kirk has always overcome the odds. Generations should be no different. The
character deserves to ride into the sunset. Mr. Shatner obviously wants it, and we will never stop
fighting for it until the goal is achieved.

Tommy_Boyd : Thanks Master Q, it's been a great chat and very welcoming and friendly. I'm
genuinely pleased at the intelligence of the questions. Thanks for the great questions guys :)

master_q : Thanks again. We will see you out there!

scaleman : your welcome

BBKUS : That's our newsletter. We hope people
sign up

master_q : I will

MrLokiWolfe : take care and good luck with kirks return

BBKUS : Thanks a lot for having us. We'd love to do this again.

Indy : Thanks!!

spacetigger : Thanks for chatting with us..

MrLokiWolfe : i mean that

Indy : Good luck!!

Tommy_Boyd : Definitely. If anyone has any more questions they can definitely get in touch with
us via the site

spacetigger : Good Luck

Tommy_Boyd : Thanks!

BBKUS : Anytime. is a way to reach us

master_q : Thanks again for coming. We will post the transcript on the website.

kirk1701 : Thanks!!!

Alterego : I too want to say thanks to the guests and thanks to the members for asking great
questions and helping to make this a smooth meeting.

BBKUS : Have a great rest of the weekend.

drwho42 : *wanders the ceiling*

Indy : Master_q, are you going to post the transcript?

master_q : Yes

Tommy_Boyd : Yes, see you all out there!

scaleman : emm, transcript, hehe

MrLokiWolfe : feel free tommy and bbkus to come in to chat anytime

MrLokiWolfe : even for fun

Unadopted_Angelic : I wish you guys all the best

Fleet_Captain_Rick_Alverado : is there a way I can watch the Bring Back Kirk Trailer online
without having to download it?

Tommy_Boyd : I will do thanks.

Tommy_Boyd : Thank you everyone.

drwho42 : yw

BBKUS : I don't think that's possible, though there are low, medium and high quality versions.

BBKUS : is a direct link.

Tommy_Boyd : I think in time we'll put low quality streams online

master_q : Bye. Thanks again! :)

BBKUS : You wouldn't want to watch it that way anyway. It would be choppy.

BBKUS : Anyway, I must get going. Have a good day.

drwho42 : thanx

Tommy_Boyd : See ya and thanks again *waves*