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Sunday, September 26th, 2004:

NOTE: BBK representatives are BBKUS (Marc C) and tommy_boyd (Jason Turner). 
Chat moderator is master_q

Special thanks to BBK official Debbie C for her assistance, as well.

Transcript has been edited slightly for clarification purposes.

master_q: Greetings all! In this Trek-News-Talk session we are going to have a "Bring Back Kirk" Update Chat. Jason Turner (tommy_boyd) and Marc C (BBKUS) represent the "BBK" campaign.

master_q: I'm glad both of you are here. It is a pleasure to have both of you back. .... There is a lot of "BBK" related news out there these past few months. When I look back to our first chat and compare that to today, I believe that right now it looks more likely that it may indeed happen. Do both of you agree?

BBKUS: Definitely. Mr. Shatner and the producers have been hard at work trying to iron something out. There is a lot of optimism. As recently as this week, we are hearing it's down to money and contracts. We have never been this close to seeing the return of Kirk.

tommy_boyd: Personally, and I can only give my own opinion, I think it's 90% likely to happen. And I think it's 100% more likely to happen since we last spoke. Absolutely

master_q: And the possibility seems to be getting more publicity out there in the media. It makes me think it has a good chance actually to happen. Can give us some examples of the different publicity it has been getting?

BBKUS: There is no doubt that publicity is one of the biggest benefits that Kirk's return. We have seen just the mere negotiation of this appearance gain national media attention--mainstream. In addition to the normal websites like Trekweb and, we have seen coverage in TV Guide, The New York Post, Good Morning America, TechNow (covering our website), and many more. The return of Kirk is major news, just like the return of Christopher Reeve on Smallville, only this is even bigger because only one actor has ever played Kirk, and this could be the role that was made famous. There has been no better fan buzz. Just the mere possibility of Kirk's return is the most exciting thing about Kirk's return. A few months ago, there was a test ad in Vegas. That ad again created national news. When does an ad in Vegas make news like that? So the return of Kirk is all over the place--except official.

tommy_boyd: We've also been contacted by Hawaiin magazines for interviews, Brazilian and German Star Trek groups, our trailer was apparently shown on NBC 11. Since the Shatner talks have been going on, the publicity has increased 10 fold. What's the one big question everyone is asking the Enterprise show runners right now? It's is the Shatner appearance going to happen. What stage is it at? Additionally we've even been on live radio. None of that was happening this time last year.

master_q: You know, it is kind of funny because this ordeal about Kirk coming back has gone into word play when you read some of this stuff. I think part of that has to do with the powers that be, wanting to rally the troops and get everyone thinking; hoping; wishing; keeping everyone on the edge. Do you agree? For example..... In an interview with the SCI FI Wire, Berman said that if they get Shatner to appear on Enterprise, "he would play an incarnation of a Kirk [...] He would not be playing another character." What does *incarnation* of *a* Kirk, mean....? Or let's look at one article from TrekToday and one article on the same thing on the BBK site, and how they interpret Manny Coto... TrekToday: "Star Trek: Enterprise show-runner Manny Coto has told a magazine that if William Shatner makes a guest appearance on the show, he will NOT play Captain Kirk, NOR an ancestor of Kirk." The Bring Back Kirk campaign states: "Shatner would INDEED be James T. Kirk on Enterprise. Could be a 3-parter. Enterprise producer Manny Coto has stated in the October issue of Star Trek: Communicator that if William Shatner does appear on Enterprise, he won't be playing 'another character,' and that Shatner won't be playing 'a Kirk' or 'an ancestor of Kirk'." However, in the TrekToday article it DOES quote Coto in saying; "It would be a great episode if it did work's not a Kirk or an ancestor of Kirk, but that's all I want to say." ...... I would have to say it really goes back to what Coto was quoted in saying, he said; "it's not A Kirk," and as a result, I'm entitled to go with your guys' article on the BBK site.

BBKUS: I think that for legal reasons, they are purposefully being vague. But why go to the trouble and expense of bringing in William Shatner if not to reprise his role?

master_q: Absolutely

BBKUS: Think about this--look at the passion the return of Kirk brings. Look at the success of THE return, by William Shatner and the Reeves Stevens'. This is all about Kirk's return. People want to see kirk, james T., not some other incarnation of Kirk. Certainly not an ancestor. Next to the contract, obviously, the script is the most important thing. Think of the demand right now for Kirk's return and the buzz. If they don't go all the way, and bring back Kirk, post- Generations, and leave him alive at the end, there will be a massive disappointment. Massive disappointment leads to ratings backlash. But if they do it right, which means again, Kirk lives and it's our Kirk, there will be a massive happiness in fandom. Trek will be whole again. That's huge in terms of goodwill. History also shows that TOS related episodes, and this would be the biggest, will have at least a 35% bump in the ratings. And, the following episode will retain that audience with little drop. Ratings=money. Charge more for ads, etc. But when they disappoint the fans, as in Flashback, there is a ratings backlash. If they bring Shatner in as another character, or maintain status quo, all that will happen is disappointment, but if they do it right, there will be long awaited retention. A lot is riding on what an incarnation of Kirk means. Rick Berman also said in the same magazine that it will not be another character, which is encouraging. The bottom line is that if it's a different character everyone wins. Greater ratings, greater goodwill. And with the Reeves Stevens' on the writing team, hope is eternal.

tommy_boyd: It's a giant publicity machine. Nothing is generating more publicity in Star Trek today than the talk of William Shatner returning. Even Maxim magazine had an interview with Shatner asking if Kirk will be back. It's following Shatner everywhere. It's great publicity for the new season of Enterprise, and the "will they won't they" debate is part of that machine.  The different interpretations are interesting. They never said Shatner wouldn't be captain Kirk; only that he wouldn't be "a Kirk" or an ancestor. All I can say is if it's not Kirk, why do they need William Shatner? Anyone can play another character. Or why would Bill be interested in pitching another character?

master_q: We've also heard rumors on places like TrekWeb, which say that Paramount in the shadows has been testing a trailer about William Shatner as Captain Kirk. Do you believe those rumors have any credibility?

BBKUS: They are 100 percent true. We have confirmed them. That's what got a lot of buzz going and goes back to a prior point. On Trekweb, all that happened was a fan posted that he was there. That ballooned to FoxNews, The New York Post, Good Morning America and other sources. Trekweb confirmed it, and so did we, independently. We can't be anymore specific than that unfortunately.

master_q: Can you be any more specific on your guys' source ----- or no?

tommy_boyd: If we told you our source, we would probably be assassinated. Trust us.

master_q: A phrase comes to mind------ "be careful what you wish for .... you may get it." Let's say you get the real Kirk. What is to say that having him coming back doesn't turn out worst then his death? You know, some people might want something to happen, and in doing so they put it way -up-here in how great it may be, then reality hits. How do you guys respond to that?

BBKUS: What can be worse than it is now? He's dead. The books have shown that Kirk's return is viable and sells well-that's why there is a 9th book coming out soon. The only things that can make this worse would be to bring him back and kill him again. Then there is no point. It's not to make him Kenny on South Park. The whole point is a happy ending. If they do a reset ending, then it's a waste. If they kill him again, it's a waste. We won't have what we wished for. I can't think of a scenario where Kirk is alive, post-Generations, moving on to the next adventure, with a happy ending, that is worse than now.

tommy_boyd: Star Trek is not about killing Kirk, or doing horrible things to the character without an optimistic conclusion. At the moment, it's worst case scenario. But I don't want to dwell on his fate. I don't think given the line up, story by Shatner, written by the team who brought us 8 great novels thus far, and also Manny Coto, is going to be anything other than TV gold. These people know and love Trek as fans. They came from fandom, and have produced some of the best written Star Trek of the modern era.

master_q: How might it be possible to "bring back Kirk" on Enterprise, in your creative minds?

BBKUS: Tricky question. Suppose we come up with the perfect idea. We post it, a producer reads it, and it's similar to Shatner's idea. Suddenly, they are thinking lawsuit. There are so many venues involving time travel that I can say time travel is a sufficient means. So is the nexus. It's Star Trek. The possibilities are endless. Our trailer had one scenario to bring back Kirk. In fact, we can tell you that there will be a professional Trek writer turning it into a novelization, coming soon. Can't say who under penalty of death. There are plenty of storylines from both Enterprise and TOS to get Kirk and Archer together though.

tommy_boyd: Penalty of death and execution.... We can tell you that it's not HG Wells though. And Marc's right. *** deletes all his story ideas ***

master_q: Both of you really answered this question already, but do both of you think the campaign to "Bring Back Kirk," would be beneficial to Enterprise's ratings? How much so? ---- Would it have much of a *long*-term impact for the good?

BBKUS: Without a doubt--YES. There is nothing Trek can do that will have a greater ratings impact than the return of kirk. That goes beyond just William Shatner, as we discussed earlier. I'm talking best case scenario--Kirk, post Generations, meets Archer. To have a long term impact is tricky. Look at Trials and Tribbleations, the last ultra TOS crossover. It got a 7.7. No Trek episode matched that.

master_q: I agree. And there just has been so much build up and coverage just in the possibility, I don't see how the power that be could refuse.

BBKUS: Kirk's return would be megahyped. You know we'll be on it. And then there's the talk shows, the free publicity.

tommy_boyd: Think of the selling point. William Shatner returns to episodic Star Trek for a 2 hour TV movie after 35 years??? It's dynamite for the publicity machine!

BBKUS: You want a more recent parallel, look at how Christopher Reeve gave Smallville its highest rating ever. And he wasn't even Superman. If Shatner returns as Kirk, this is huge. The key is that the episode that follows Kirk's return would be great too. Without Kirk, they could write the greatest episodes ever, but there won't be the one big event to get people to see them. The episode after Trials and Tribblelations got a 7.0. By contrast, that season of DS9 had an average rating of 5.7. So people loved T&T and tuned in the next week. There was retention.

tommy_boyd: But they aired the worf and dax on risa episode, so obviously the audience didn't stay. Had they aired a better 5th season episode after T&T the ratings for season 5 might have had a better average.

BBKUS: So they know that Kirk's return will lead to retention in the episode that follows. The DS9 episode that followed was nothing special. But if the episode that follows Kirk's return is great, then yes, you will see retention. That's money for Paramount, and is another reason to pay Mr. Shatner

master_q: Yep, I agree. I've had Tim Brazeal, founder of, on Trek-News-Talk in May. We are going to get him back soon for another chat. Are both of your campaigns or websites now affiliated?

BBKUS: Not officially affiliated, but we do have a relationship. I've spoken with Tim on many occasions, and he has told me he agrees with Kirk's return helping the ratings. I think our two campaigns have mutual interests. If Kirk's return impacts the ratings as I know it will, that could lead to a 5th season and beyond--and they need that.

tommy_boyd: Plus there are many interests that intersect. The show runners want Enterprise to continue, Shatner wants to return. They all are appearing to be able to help each other at the right time.

tommy_boyd: Our trailer is also promoted at the save enterprise site, and we cross promote links. We're very proud to have striked up a positive dialogue with them. Star Trek fans have a history of coming together and helping each other.

master_q: DrWho42 will start for Part II....

tommy_boyd: Hi DrWho42

drwho42: Hello Tommy, will Bringing Back Kirk make plans for, let's say: "Bring Back Sulu" or "Spock", possible?

BBKUS: Well, that's a different campaign. I'd love to see Spock and Sulu return. Leonard Nimoy is retired from acting. I think the only way he returns is with Mr. Shatner. Kirk's return will show that fan tenacity can't be matched. I would love to see Sulu return too. But one campaign at a time

tommy_boyd: I don't think they have any plans for either character this season, as I'm sure they'd see how well the Shatner guest went down. But who says that Shatner hasn't written a cameo for another TOS member in his pitch? Coto hinted that they had another TOS guest in mind but wouldn't say in case it hindered negotiations. Could that be Nimoy? I'm speculating too much, but Shatner has never pitched a Trek idea/movie/novel that didn't involve Spock on some level. I think it depends on the actors themselves. I'm sure George would come back, but would Nimoy? He said he'd retired from it all now.

drwho42: Will BBK focus mainly on the return to ent, or is there plans for the big screen too?

BBKUS: Right now, the odds and focus are on Enterprise. It's the best chance. I think that done right, they can open the door for a Kirk return to the silver screen, but first thing's first. Enterprise is filming now, and the new movie is a way's away. Plus, I don't think they are looking to use known characters. So right now, it's Enterprise.

drwho42: Gotcha. :thumbs

tommy_boyd: I don't think we'll ever see William Shatner in another Star Trek movie. They have said they want completely new casts for Trek XI. If they bring him back on Enterprise well and he has a happier future, there's no need to see him in a film as well. Would be nice, but it's not necessary.

capt_picard: Do you think there will be enough fan support to make sure that Enterprise has 7 seasons?

BBKUS: A lot depends on buzz. There's a passion for Trek that isn't in other shows. I think there has been a lot of disappointment, but people want Trek to succeed. Kirk's return will go a long way to rekindling interest. Coto has the right attitude and bringing in the Reeves Stevens' was the best move they have made in years.

capt_picard: Do you think besides Kirk if there might be any other Star Trek greats to come back to Enterprise like Brent?

BBKUS: Like I said earlier. Kirk's return would be a major catalyst to getting the ratings started up. They need to attract the viewers that left back. Once that's done, ratings will continue, and yes, they CAN get that 5th-7th seasons.

tommy_boyd: Sometimes the powers that be make decisions despite the fan outcry. Look at the Farscape and Angel campaigns. If it wasn't for independent backers, there would be no new Farscape. Those investors came because of the fan support.

BBKUS: I think that William Shatner is the Babe Ruth of Star Trek. There is nothing that will bring in the ratings like him. But if they spend the money and wisely bring him back, they will see the results, and go after other Trek legends. Coto wants that.

tommy_boyd: I don't think season 4 would be a reality had it not been for the folks at save enterprise. Now it's up to the show runners to prove that they can up the ratings, and Kirk will help that. I expect if we enter season 5, we'll see more Trek actors, perhaps big names from the various spin-offs. But I can't imagine anyone making bigger headlines returning after 35 years, than Shatner as Kirk. Think about the marketing--for the first time in a decade--William Shatner as James T. Kirk. Legends never die.

everythingsroses: Hi, I was wondering do you think that Viacom Co-chair Les Moonves will still be an obstacle even if ratings do increase?

BBKUS: As for Les Moonves, I don't know. The man became Viacom Co-chair for a reason--if he is looking at the bottom line, Kirk's return is a no-brainer. For example, the extra money they make in ads=cash. They can make a quick DVD release of this episode. Cash. They can do a novelization. Cash. Kirk's return really will make back far more than the cost.

everythingsroses: We are talking about a guy who compares ratings to csi!

BBKUS: Star Trek is a cash cow for Paramount. If they are interested in keeping it that way, they would bring back Kirk asap. It will give them profit.

BBKUS: Garry Hart just got replaced. I know that. There has been some turnover, but the bottom line is numbers, and Kirk will bring in the numbers and the ratings, and the cash. That doesn't change no matter who the executive is. Plus, there is a LOT of free publicity. You would see Shatner and the story on all the entertainment shows. Talk shows. Newspapers. It's BIG news.

tommy_boyd: Plus we'd heard, on the side, that ABC and UPN have already made a deal in regards to when Shatner could film and what the rules where, but we can't confirm that, so we're not promoting that as fact.

BBKUS: At this point, no one is mentioning Boston Legal as an obstacle. It's all money, timing, and contracts. I might add that Paramount should consider thinking outside the box. Perhaps they can coax Mr. Shatner by promoting his charity work and paintball. That could help.

trebour: Hi, do you think trek needs a rest after such a long run, perhaps a break would give the fans a chance to miss it and the writers time to come up with more original stories?

BBKUS: I am one of the people who does not believe that a rest is necessary. It's all about the writing. I saw in a recent interview that Coto thought the same way. Star Trek has been in a creative rut, but they have hired some amazing new writers this season. I kind of wish to know what would happen if this team gets to start a show from scratch. I have a lot of faith in Judith and Gar Reeves Stevens. I love their work, I know how much they love Trek, they are geniuses as well.

tommy_boyd: Good question, I'd say no. The genre isn't stale. Look at the interest in the new Stargate and new Galactica, and the success of the Farscape fandom. People are crying out for more and embracing it.

trebour: would you prefer to see him back as a regular "guest star" or as a better send off, a bit like the way they said goodbye to Sinclair in Babylon 5 ?

tommy_boyd: Any of those scenarios is viable. If the appearance works on all levels, I don't see the harm in having him appear each season. Enterprise might have had a rough voyage the first couple of seasons, but it's not only got its sea legs, this season it's starting to get its Star Trek space legs.

trebour: what plans do you have for bbk if Shatner returns ?

BBKUS: Well, if Shatner returns as Kirk, and Kirk is alive and well at the end, we're done. Mission accomplished. As I mentioned before, we do have a novelization of our trailer, which will be written by a professional Trek writer, and of course will be free. But our goal is simple, bring back Kirk. I hope it's done soon.

tommy_boyd: We have plans to turn into an auction site for exotic beers if all goes well.

trebour: lol i'm iup for that

trebour: romulan ale ?

tommy_boyd: Yes, and Tarkalian Cider!

drwho42: :D

BBKUS: We would also be around to help other campaigns in need.

tommy_boyd: Marc will, I'll be busy with the beer auctions. I don't think I'll ever be sober enough again either

trebour: what do you think of the rumors that enterprise is set in an mirror universe so as not to upset cannon and if true how do you think this would affect kirks return ?

tommy_boyd: Another good question!

BBKUS: I like the question. Kirk's return would put those rumors to rest. The Reeves Stevens' are geniuses when it comes to fixing continuity problems. There are people that find Enterprise too difficult to fit into continuity. It would be hard to argue Enterprise's place in Trek if they bring back Kirk. It would solidify in a way no other event can.

tommy_boyd: I think as long as events are nudged back onto course, ie the big events of life, death, the universe, then the timeline has a way of restructuring itself to canon. As long as the Federation is established, you know the big event of Archer's time, they could argue either way as to which universe it is. That issue may never be dealt with so it may always be up to the fans to decide

BBKUS: Who knows? That could be a major subplot of a Kirk returns story.

Electricbolt: With the hype of Brent Spiner being on the show and the possibility of William Shatner being on as well do you think other actors, such as John De Lancie as Q could make an impact in ratings?

BBKUS: I'll be honest. No one will impact the ratings like Shatner will. It's a different level. I think Mr. Spiner will be a positive appearance, but if they bring back Kirk, it will be like no other boost since the pilot. As for DeLancie, they brought him in on Voyager several times. It would be fun, but I don't think the ratings impact would be as big as they would want.

tommy_boyd: I'm not sure DeLancie is ratings hit material. I mean I don't think he made much of an impact in Voyager.

BBKUS: But I do think that Kirk's return would prove that crossovers are fun, and bringing in other characters with stunt casting will be a successful formula.

tommy_boyd: Do I want to see Q again? I don't mind either way. I have no opinion.

BBKUS: Shatner is the hot commodity. He's everywhere, which is amazing. And he's finally an Emmy winner. He helped The Practice end great. He is going to be starring in the spinoff. He would do wonders for Enterprise.

tommy_boyd: Not forgetting his recent appearances in Al-Bran adverts in the UK

everythingsroses: I was chatting with Dominic Keating and John Billingsley....they seemed a little down that Manny Coto and the other writers were concentrating on non-enterprise characters... Do you think Coto and everyone has been turned against these characters by the negative comments by fans?

BBKUS: They shouldn't be down. Enterprise needs these kinds of appearances. I think Coto seems to be very positive. He understands that Trek is one big universe. It's OK to have Kirk on Enterprise, or other characters as well. Kirk is still a guest star. It's their show.

everythingsroses: I don't think they felt that way?

BBKUS: They have the fortune of being on a show that has lasted so long. The reason Trek is on is because of legends like James T. Kirk or actors like William Shatner creating such legends. There's no reason to separate the shows. It's more fun and exciting, and that's where the buzz is coming from.

everythingsroses: Dominic said the show was all about guest star now and I'm paraphrasing...John said it was about others as well?

tommy_boyd: Well Trek episodes, even bottle shows, have always emphasized guest characters. Look at Yesterday's Enterprise. The star was undoubtedly Tasha Yar, returning as a guest character, but the emphasis was still on Picard and Guinan making key decisions.

BBKUS: I can't say how they feel. I think they should understand that guest stars like Shatner will lead to ratings, and that leads to longevity.

tommy_boyd: There's only really Brent and Shatner mentioned, Brent for 3 episodes, Bill for 2, and there's no indication whatsoever that the Shatner pitch is all about Kirk. Without knowing the story it's impossible to say.

everythingsroses: I love these characters as much as Kirk! I want them to have screen time.

BBKUS: They will have screen time. Think about this--at most, Kirk would be on just two episodes. That's 20 more episodes where the regulars will appear. Plus, they would not be written out of the Kirk episode either. Screentime will not be compromised.

everythingsroses: The Xindi took a lot of the screen time last year and I was hopeful for this year but..

BBKUS: Yet, last year was a great year for Malcolm and Phlox, despite the Xindi. Both were very prominent.

everythingsroses: John and Dominc didn't instill hope in me.

tommy_boyd: It's early doors yet. Personally I'm an Archer/Trip fan.

trebour: do you see it possible for his return as mirror universe kirk ? as the instigator of the temporal war ? do you see this as a possible come back ?

BBKUS: Mirror Kirk is ok, and a great villain, but it would be a disappointment unless our Kirk was involved in some capacity. The mirror universe isn't supposed to be discovered until Mirror, Mirror. And unless they establish the Shatner books as canon, the disappointment would be there. Kirk can serve the story better than mirror Kirk.

tommy_boyd: I'd accept Mirror Kirk over an ancestor of Kirk, but I would be disappointed they didn't return Captain Kirk. Mirror is better than no appearance, but it's still not our Kirk, and it doesn't satisfy the campaign.

trebour: i hope coto has better luck then he did in odyssey 5 , that was a great bit of sci-fi.

master_q: Does anyone else have any quick questions for our special chat room guests?

everythingsroses : Yeah did you know Shatner is a couple miles from me filming?

BBKUS: You must be in Iowa.

everythingsroses : yes!

BBKUS: Excellent. Maybe you can go there and get some news

everythingsroses: I hope to go to the wrap party so to speak! On Thursday. He told people that Leonard might stop in!

BBKUS: That would be great. Please tell him how much his fans want to see Kirk return if you do.

tommy_boyd: Great. Can you ask him what the current situation is lol

everythingsroses: Oh I will! I also want to tell him how much I love his album 'Has Been"

tommy_boyd: His version of common people is pure class! Genius!

BBKUS: The interesting thing is that in recent weeks, the story is constantly in the news. Every mention of Enterprise mentions Shatner, but they say the same things--money and contract is all that's left.

Trek_Forever: I apologize if this has been asked before-I only found about this through Roes's E -mail (Hi, Rose) but if Shatner does do Enterprise, would, the Reeves-Stevens be writing the episode?

BBKUS: Manny Coto has said that the Reeves Stevens' would indeed be writing the episode. They may start and Coto finish or vice versa.

Trek_Forever: Sounds good to me!

tommy_boyd: Great combination. Mike Sussman would also be a good choice

BBKUS: If I had to pick the writer, it would be the Reeves Stevens'. They are pure class. And Coto has made me look forward to this season.

Trek_Forever: Can't argue there. I've been a fan since their old Flash Gordon animated show.

BBKUS: But after all the talk, it would be very bad if they disappointed all the people that want to see Kirk return.

everythingsroses: I can't wait to chat with him at

BBKUS: Make sure you ask about Kirk returning. By the way, if you'd like, please join our newsletter.

tommy_boyd: It's free and doesn't clog your mail.

trebour: With all the new "remakes" out or coming soon i.e battle star g and thunderbirds , would you be opposed to a remake of TOS ?

drwho42: I wouldn't like a TOS remake...

BBKUS: Officially? I think that before a remake of TOS can be made, you need to have a future for Kirk. Another reason to get Shatner back. You would need TOS people involved to legitimatize it.

trebour: And this is a good site -

BBKUS: I'll have to make sure that the official site sees it.

tommy_boyd: Nice one, thanks!

trebour: shameless plug lol

master_q: What about the fan-film "New Voyages"? Have either of you seen it?

tommy_boyd: Loved the new trailer, can't wait

BBKUS: I loved New Voyages. Can't wait for the sequel. Plus, I loved that they promoted that Kirk's death wasn't the end.

master_q: Jason and Marc thanks so much for coming again. We'll do it again and hopefully it will be to celebrate a victory....

BBKUS: Thank you so much for having us as well.

tommy_boyd: Yes, been an absolute pleasure, thank you for the invite. Next time, let's hope it's champagne. Stick it on ice!

drwho4: Been doubleplusgood having you here. :thumbs

BBKUS: Amen. Keep posted by signing up for the newsletter. It's the best way to keep informed. Have a good one.

tommy_boyd: Thanks so much, and hope to speak to you all again soon. Thanks for the hospitality and great questions.