Discussion Groups

Here are just a few of the known discussion lists dedicated to the effort on the Internet.

If you know of a discussion list dedicated to the effort that isn't listed here, please send us the location and other information pertaining to the discussion group.

Our eGroups Discussion List

This list was created and is moderated by Darth David (DarthDavid@knighthammer.fsnet.co.uk), with Debbie (Heronl0835@aol.com) as relief moderator on the eGroups discussion server. If you have any questions, contact them.

To join up, fill out the form:

Your E-Mail:


AOL Message Board

To visit our message board on America Online, you must be a subscribed member of the paid AOL service and have the AOL software. In order to get to the boards, please enter the following address in the Find Box.


This box is usually located underneath the menu bar on AOL versions 4.0 through 7.0. For those with lower versions, click the "Find on AOL" button on the bar.

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