Letter Campaign

All BBK supporters are encouraged to write a letter or postcard!

Thanks for your help and participation!

Letter-Writing is the crux of what the Bring Back Kirk movement is all about, for it is pretty much the only way we, as a group, can convince Paramount that bringing back Jim Kirk is in their best interests. Each letter represents, approximately, 1,000 customers. So, yes, your letters do make a difference!

All interested are asked to send in, at least, one letter. Of course, you are more than welcome to send in more than one—the more people that send letters, the more effective we become!

There are other things to do than write letters: simply ask people (nicely, of course!) to come to our site for info and write letters to those people we specify also!

Tell people to send letters, send letters yourself—and make a difference!

Mail letters and/or postcards to the addresses listed

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