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Bring Back Kirk campaign featured in Star Trek Monthly Magazine

This month's issue of Star Trek Monthly Magazine features an article on the possible return of Kirk!

It talks about the Bring Back Kirk campaign, including a shot from our latest trailer.

The transcript of the article is as follows:


Could Captain James T. Kirk really come back for more adventures?

William Shatner has revealed he has come up to bring Captain Kirk to Star Trek: Enterprise -- but he's keeping the idea to himself until the show gets a fourth season commission from UPN.

"I've written a scenario where I could conceivably come back for a show or two," he told Bill Mulroney on Canada's eTalk Daily. "But I haven't presented it to them yet, because I don't know whether they're coming back.  So, you're learning for the first time that I have in my hip pocket a way of bringing the character back and making it logical in science fiction terms, which means it's totally illogical!"

Meanwhile, fans are already clamouring for Kirk's return -- and have even put together a CGI animation featuring their favourite captain alongside Jonathan Archer.

The Bring Back Kirk campaign was spawned by fans of the character, Star Trek, and the science fiction genre on the internet shortly after the 1994 release of Star Trek: Generations.  .Many fans worldwide were outraged that Kirk should be killed off without even so much as a eulogy.  

Now the Bring Back Kirk campaign has created a nine-minute trailer, which has taken two years to complete, to promote their cause.  The trailer which UK contributor Jason Turner says has been reworked several times, features fan-made CGI effects and appearances from characters and ships from all five Star Trek series.  In it, Spock, commanding a newly-refitted U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-A, successfully rescues his friend and former captain.  Soon after, Federation worlds, including Earth and Vulcan, are attacked, forcing Kirk and crew to embark on a special mission that will unite three centuries of Starfleet legends in a battle to save the universe.

"This was our way of showing that the possibilites of bringing back Kirk are endless," explains website runner Jay. "We developed a storyline that would reach out to several shows and centuries."

The campaigners feel Kirk's return could be a sure ratings bonanza for Paramount and ST:ENT should it take place there, pointing to Smallville's ratings success when former Superman, Christopher Reeve, made a guest appearance.

Shatner himself still has few regrets on his character's death in Generations.  "I thought it was better for me to agree [to] play Kirk's death rather than letting him dwindle," he told an audience at the 21st William S. Paley Television Festival.

Web link:

You can see a scan of this article HERE!

Similar articles on the Bring Back Kirk campaign have recently appeared in the Scottish Daily Record Newspaper, and the Daily Express Newspaper.  We thank them and Star Trek Monthly Magazine for their articles!

It should be noted, however that Shatner has indeed expressed regrets of his character's death in other interviews.  He may have felt that it was better to play Kirk's death, but he has stated he wasn't completely content with how it actually turned out!  Obviously, we agree.

And as the new item below shows, Enterprise has indeed been renewed for a 4th season, and Shatner appearing on the show may become a reality!


William Shatner may guest star on Enterprise in Season 4

Special thanks to GustavoLeao for the heads-up on his report at

The latest issue of Star Trek Monthly magazine, just out in the UK, features an exclusive interview with TREK executive producer Rick Berman, in which he hints at [...] Season 4 [...].


Looking ahead to what we can all now confidently say is going to be ENTERPRISE's fourth season. Berman confirmed that he had indeed been in talks with TREK star William Shatner about a guest starring role in Enterprise, and is hoping to fit a William Shatner Guest appearance into Enterprise's 4th season.

"Bill is busy doing 'The Practice' right now, and he's going to be doing the spin - off next season." Berman said. "We have had discussions in the last week, when we were talking with the studio about areas and directions we would like to go in next season, and there were two different ideas that we think could be developed into a good vehicle for Bill. And hopefully we're going to pursue one of them for next season."


It goes without saying what idea we hope is being developed for Shatner!

4/28/04 interviewed by Pau Hana Weekly magazine.

Shortly after the trailer premiered, we were contacted by Pau Hana Weekly, a printed entertainment magazine in Hawaii requesting an interview. As the writer described it, think Entertainment Weekly, with a Hawaiian flair.

Pau Hana Weekly has a distribution of over 70,000 copies a week.  Needless to say, this is excellent exposure for the Bring Back Kirk campaign. We were able to reach an audience we have never reached before.

Coming soon... our report of the Trailer screening at the 2004 Brazilian Annual Trek Con!

4/5/04 interviewed by

On April 4th, officials Jason Turner and Marc C were invited to a chatroom Q&A session in regards to our new Trailer with  You can read the transcript HERE!


William Shatner has a concept to bring back Kirk!

In an interview with eTalk Daily, William Shatner was questioned about the possibility of Kirk being brought back.  This is what Shatner had to say:

"I've written a scenario, that I could conceivably come back for a show or two. But, I haven't presented it to them yet because I don't know whether they're coming back. So, you're learning for the first time that I have in my hip pocket a way of bringing the character back and making it logical in science fiction terms, which means it's totally illogical!"

This is excellent news!  You can read the full transcript, with screenshots, at the TRexx website here:

3/22/04 Trailer Two ONLINE!

The moment is here!  The second official Bring Back Kirk Trailer is now online! 

You can get information and links to the trailer HERE!

Articles on the new trailer can be found at Trekweb and SyFyPortal.

For high-quality screen captures, the TRexx website has provided many HERE.

2/5/04 Trailer #2 Mirrors Needed!

For a long time, the Bring Back Kirk campaign has been constructing a new trailer to demonstrate the viability of Kirk appearing in current Trek, post Generations, in crossovers with other series'.
The demand for Kirk's return has been there for a long time, and people have been e-mailing us about the trailer for a long time as well.  This trailer, which is nearly 100 percent CGI, took a lot of time and effort to complete.
The release time is near.  In fact, the trailer will be debuting at a convention soon! 
But now comes the hard part--distribution.  We want this to be given to any and all Star Trek fans.  But we are aware that we may not have the bandwidth capacity to easily distribute it on the web to meet the demand.  That's where you can help!

We need volunteers with websites able to host the trailer.  The more people that pitch in and host, the more people that will be able to see the thing in a given month.  We are expecting thousands of downloads, so it is VITAL that we get volunteers.  That way, more people get the trailer faster. 
If anyone can help, please contact
OFFICIALS@BRINGBACKKIRK.COM.  This trailer will generate even more demand for Kirk's return.  But to do so, we need the capacity to distribute to match the demand.  So if anyone can help, please contact us!


Bring Back Kirk reference in "New Voyages."

"New Voyages" is a fan-made Star Trek film project creating original episodes based upon the characters and situations of the 1960's series.  Painstaking effort was done to reproduce the sets and feel of The Original Series.  Donations to this project will go to The Space Shuttle Children’s Trust Fund, which is a non-profit, tax exempt foundation to provide for the health, education, and support of the children of the astronauts of the Challenger and Columbia disasters.

The long-awaited first episode is finally online!  The episode is entitled "Come What May." 

In this episode, there is an apparent wink to the BBK Campaign, and our first TRAILER.  Watch the episode and see if you can find it!

The Bring Back Kirk campaign wishes to thank the creative team behind "New Voyages" for this little nod, and especially for creating a great piece of work for fans of The Original Series.  Well done!

You can see "Come What May" and upcoming news on "New Voyages" at:

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