Press Room

This portion of the site is dedicated to giving the press information related to the Bring Back Kirk movement, as well as review recent, archived material—primarily press releases—we have submitted to the press for print.

Press Releases/Statements

Below are all recent press releases and statements released by the officials of the Bring Back Kirk movement. Feel free to view them, distribute them, or post them at your discretion. All releases in unformatted Regular Text format.

Regarding Progression of BBK Effort after Sept. 11th, 2001 Site Relaunch

Bring Back Kirk Trailer (English Version)

Creation Entertainment To Show Campaign Trailer

All of these TXT files can be found in the ZIP file HERE.


If you prefer another format to place future releases for download/viewing in, please let us know.


Interviews should be submitted in the form of question lists via e-mail (or postal mail, if applicable), unless the interviewee expressly states and/or agrees otherwise.

You can contact the officials of this campaign by sending an email.

Snail Mail

If you wish to send snail mail to the officials, we can be reached at:

2900 N. Government Way #323
Coeur d Alene, Id 83815

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