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It is the policy of the Official Bring Back Kirk ( movement to respect and uphold the privacy issues of this site's viewership and our members, no matter their affiliation. We will protect your Internet and user-submitted contact and/or personal information, to the best of our ability; as will the service provider, Feature Price (

Information refers to any user submitted data, such as their name, e-mail/postal address(es), age, and other types of personal/professional information. This information is usually submitted either via e-mail, our feedback form, or other promotional and feedback areas. This information is neither distributed or sold to anyone outside the officials or the webmaster of this effort, without your express permission.

Please, however, keep in mind that your name and e-mail address may be used in certain areas of the site, such as our "Facts of Life" or our officially sanctioned publication, the Bring Back Kirk Newsletter.

This site, however, gathers information for use in our online server statistics program, which is used to determine who accesses this site, as well as notes where you have visited on our domain of Other than that, we do not use any other program or browser gathering program. Other sites, however, may do so and you may wish to consult their sites to see how they handle your online information.

Rights not expressed in this document are reserved and may be subject to change depending on our server. You are asked to check this section for additional statements and changes concerning this policy.

If you have any concerns or questions you would like addressed, please contact the webmaster.

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