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When Captain Kirk was killed in Generations, legions of Star Trek fans from around the world united to form the Bring Back Kirk campaign. The goal of the campaign is simple—to see Captain Kirk returned to the living, and to see the character have a happy ending. Star Trek has always been about possibilities. This short film is not so much an endorsement on a particular plot point, but an effort to show the exciting possibilities that Kirk’s return would bring. This nine minute trailer was created in 2004 and is truly an international effort, as it represents the combined work of fans from both the United States and the United Kingdom whose common bond is the desire to see Kirk return.

Rather than using stock footage of the ships from any of the movies and television shows, the trailer features brand new CGI footage, created using meshes by Jason Turner and Wil Jaspers. This enabled the team to engineer all new space scenes and even show ships from the various different shows together on screen.

If the fans can put together a film like this, imagine the possibilities of a Paramount production returning Captain Kirk.

The CGI work was undertaken by Jason Turner and Wil Jaspers , and the editing by Jay B.

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The original Bring Back Kirk teaser trailer was created back in 2000 as a promotional presentation/entertainment piece to be distributed at conventions, around the world, and on the Internet. The two-minute, fourteen-second presentation was created to present the positive and true goals of the Bring Back Kirk effort.

The teaser was created by BBK UK Official Jason Turner and edited by BBK Official Jay B., with audio/visual contributions from Edward Phoneix Callis and Emma Lyons.

Star Trek is the property of Paramount Pictures. No infringement is intended.