The universe hangs in the balance.  
One man, thought to be dead, is the only one who can save it.

The time has come to turn death into a fighting chance to LIVE!

And a legend... will return!

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Welcome to the official Bring Back Kirk website!


We want the Prime Universe James T. Kirk, our beloved Captain who truly made Star Trek fun and exciting, brought back!

After his sloppy death in the movie Star Trek: Generations—when our hero was smashed on the side of a cliff—many fans were angered at the fact that his death was basically meaningless to the story.

The idea of James T. Kirk ending up falling off a bridge and splatting on the base of a mountain has boggled the minds of Trek fans for years. That's not what the character is about. And as was the case when NBC cancelled Star Trek so long ago, the fans have risen up and launched the campaign to Bring Back Kirk.

Star Trek: Generations was supposed to bridge the gap between the two eras of Trek. Instead, it created a chasm from which the franchise still has not recovered to this day. Even the film's co-writer, Brannon Braga, has stated that if he could do it all over again, he would NOT have killed Kirk.  If the people in charge of Star Trek truly are serious about changing the perceptions of the fans, and winning back as much of the audience as possible, they will listen to what the fans want and bring back Kirk.  We are now joining together for our common cause—to close that chasm and bring back our hero!

In no way are we asking for the spotlight be taken away from the other Trek incarnations. We do not want to see the franchise re-center on Shatner's interpretation of Kirk. We just want Shatner's Kirk back one more time, that's all. There are many ways that Kirk can be brought back, and brought back well. Star Trek's "suspension of disbelief" will not be harmed in bringing back Kirk. It's been done many times before, with characters from all of the various Star Trek incarnations.

There are many successful novels that have dealt with bringing back Kirk (such as "The Return"). How was Paramount rewarded for these novel efforts? With some of the best-selling Trek fiction books of all time.  But despite the fact that these books flew off the shelves, they are not considered "official" to the Trek universe. If they were, the Bring Back Kirk campaign's efforts would already be realized.  But until the day when books become part of Trek canon, for Kirk's return to be official, it must be on screen.  A theatrical film cameo,  a TV movie, or an appearance on a current Star Trek series are all viable options.  Such an event would draw large crowds of viewers! Star Trek can benefit from such a ratings boost, and there is no one better to provide that boost than William Shatner. He has already stated he is willing to portray Kirk again. He is a household name, and he can certainly bring fans back to the Trek franchise.

We merely want to see the Prime Universe character have a happy ending in official Trek canon. NOT as a hologram, a flashback, a temporary time-travel appearance, a double,  an evil twin, a prequel, or a spirit. We also are not asking that he be brought back to be "killed off" again.

We must also stress that if The Powers That Be decide to have William Shatner make an appearance in Trek again, they must NOT have him appear as anyone other than James T. Kirk.  NOT an ancestor or relative of Kirk's.  Anyone can play Kirk's ancestor.  We can't stress enough that the ratings will be maximized by the return of James T. Kirk!

We want him back one last time so he can have a classy ending where he rides off into the sunset similar to Star Trek VI.  We want him alive.

Paramount needs to remember that the base fans made Star Trek their big moneymaker. So if you want to learn more about how YOU can help BRING BACK KIRK, please explore the website, create a page of your own, write a letter, and talk it up!

The Bring Back Kirk movement has been on the Internet for some time. Many dedicated Star Trek fans have built webpages, started discussion groups, sent thousands of letters to Paramount, and much MUCH more.

STAR TREK FANS - Join us now!

And remember...

STAR TREK is a trademark of Paramount Pictures.