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The Bring Back Kirk campaign was spawned by fans of Jim Kirk, Star Trek, and the science fiction genre on the Internet shortly after the 1994 release of Star Trek Generations. After this film, Star Trek fans from around the world began to voice their consternation about the methods used to "discard" Captain Kirk, especially without even so much as a eulogy. The e-mail messages, postal letters, and bulletin/message board posts from passionate fans soon became overwhelming.

"Phineas Bog", officially known as BBK Official Jay B., erected a Bring Back Kirk website, which later reached the eyes of William Shatner's official fan club (the William Shatner Connection). The two then created and maintained the official BringBackKirk.com website. Over the past few years, and through today, webmastering duties have been maintained by officials such as Joe Beaudoin.

Since then the campaign has reached even more heights. Many other Trek fans followed suit, designing more web-pages, offered to translate official documents (such as our flyers) in their native languages, telling others about us at conventions, creating audio/visual presentations, and sending letters to Paramount. The campaign is constantly gaining momentum, especially with new official sites going up, and the release of our Official Newsletter—but there is still a huge amount of work to be done! BringBackKirk.com has been mentioned in press releases and on CNN. Officials from Star Trek and Paramount, such as Brannon Braga, Ron Moore, Sherry Lansing, and Jonathan Dolgen, have acknowledged the campaign. The death of Kirk is still a major cause of debate, and Paramount obviously knows of our efforts.

We must convince them to bring back Kirk and give him the classy finale he deserves. We do not exist to find "another death" for Kirk, for we see no reason in bringing him back just to kill him again. With the right writers, we can have Kirk returned in a way that will appease and enthrall all of us!

Remember: There are always possibilities!

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