Speculations & Commentary on "All Good Things"

Written By: Peter Casey

Published: Issue 29, Monday, October 23, 2000


The reason this particular entry from TNG's television history is being subjected to my review/comments is that there were, in my opinion, other possibilities for this story. So let's have some fun speculating...






Season seven of TNG was spotty at times. Perhaps the advent and the effort it took to develop DS9 contributed to this. Anyway, we needed a smashing conclusion to TNG's seven-year run, and we got one!


"All Good Things" was a fantastic piece of writing and television! I enjoyed every minute of it and regretted the commercial interruptions that must take place during broadcast television.


This leads me to believe that perhaps, just perhaps, this would have been a better vehicle for TNG's step into the big screen, TOS involvement or not.


It certainly had a better flow to it than Generations. The story was not trying to force together the two captains, as was the case with the seventh Trek film. Yet, there are always possibilities...


The characters all had their parts in this wonderful story, and in this case, they deserved it. They fit in with the story because it was about that crew, and not both. Yet...


Here's the catch, and I could be out of line here: What if TOS were worked in here as part of Picard's jumping from time period to time period? Could he not have met up with the TOS crew then? Would they not have been as of much assistance as all three Enterprises when the time came to collapse the spatial anomaly?


This is just my slant on it, but would you not have loved to see how Kirk and crew handled Q if given the opportunity?! :-)


When you think of it, everyone could have been a part of the adventure. Picard and Kirk would have joined forces to save humanity, and we, TOS And TNG fans alike, would have had the joy of watching ALL our heroes save the day. (Added bonus: Kirk need not have died in this story.)


Anyway, please forgive the musings of an old Trek fan. I hope you've all enjoyed the "speculative" review/ commentary!


And by the way, "All Good Things" is highly recommended! ;-)