Some Words from the U.K. Official

Written By: Jason Turner

Published: Issue 18


It is my pleasure to bring you our 18th issue of the Bring Back Kirk newsletter. Thank you for your continued support, and a very warm welcome to our new subscribers. As the days draw closer and closer towards September (a year away from Star Trek's 35th birthday), we begin work on our second letter-writing schedule. Let Paramount and the world know that we want Kirk back for the anniversary. Anything less is not even ordinary.


How can we celebrate 35 years of Star Trek whilst our captain is still left for dead, butchered by a bad movie, whilst William Shatner's career has never looked better and he's waiting to be asked to come back? Well, soon it will be time for all of us to band together like never before and explain to the studio how much we love the character and want him back. Roddenberry's gamble that the audience was intelligent is part of the reason why Star Trek 's appeal goes beyond simple television gimmickry. It's about time that Roddenberry's wisdom and brilliance is realized once again.


Speaking of the great bird of the galaxy for one second, if anyone would like me to forward a picture of Gene Roddenberry along with a manipulated image of the TOS and TNG crew standing together, get in touch with me, and I 'll happily pass it on (600x400, 78K). It was an original montage I created in honor of Gene, his vision, and his legacy.


Back to the letter writing, I must emphasize the importance of fighting with love and passion, a far more formidable force than anger. Yes, we're angry about Kirk's fate and concerned that nobody high-up appears to care about the integrity of the character and his legacy, but converting that anger by passionate means into something positive is what is going to get us listened to. We're here to ask Paramount for a favor in exchange for all our loyalty over the years. But more than that, we have the proof that Kirk, Shatner, and the original series SELL! We just have to make sure that Paramount hears what we have to say. From September up until Christmas, we'll meet them halfway, then the ball's in the studio's court.


The new flyers are *very* nearly complete. I've removed the flyer information from this issue until the new versions with our latest writing schedules are completed. Those of you wishing copies to be mailed to them in the UK for their fan clubs or to distribute at conventions need only to get in touch with me through the usual channels, and I'll happily supply a reasonable quantity.


Speaking of the UK, I want to make a request of *every* UK-based recipient of this newsletter to get in touch with me by e-mailing I desperately need your help with something I have planned. This will not involve heavy work at all. More about what I have planned when you get in touch...


Let's ask to be included again! Remember, some journeys are never meant to end...