A Trip to the E-Mailbag

Written By: Randy Hall

Published: Issue 26


I guess some things just aren't meant to be. Take last week's column. Please.


I finally got my shiny new computer back from the shop and installed the usual page-making and word-processing software, so I was all set for some "Conventional Thinking." I sat down on Sunday and did my usual writing thing. However, when I attempted to save the file, I somehow ended up with just the first paragraph. I let out a heavy sigh and set about rewriting the entire column. When that was completed, I inserted it into the main body of the BBK Newsletter (which I'd proofread earlier), sent the whole magilla off to Joe (or so I thought), and retreated to my ever-cozy bed for some serious Zs. I found out the next day that I'd sent in the wrong version, one that didn't have my column in it, and I hadn't gone online until the issue had been sent out to BBKers far and wide.


What a life I'm having!


But I've come to grips with all this by simply "traveling through time" until this week and adjusting my column to this future period. Hey, it was easier than getting my Honda Civic to slingshot around the sun and go back to last week!


Since last week's issue was the BBK Newsletter's "25th anniversary" (the 25th issue that went out on September 25), I decided I'd take a quick look back over the e-mail I've received since I started writing this column some months ago. By the way, a friend of mine originally recommended I use the title "Conventional Wisdom" instead, but I thought that sounded too preachy. I may not always have wisdom, but I am always thinking...


Most of the e-mails I've gotten have been from people discussing something in my most recent column. One subject I mentioned only briefly but still got some nice responses on was when I said I like Stargate SG-1. That series does a great job of following Trek's directive to "explore strange new worlds," even if the show does it with a stargate instead of a starship.


Getting out the Bring Back Kirk message through costuming elicited some great e-letters from folks who have found inspiration for outfits and skits from the Classic Trek TV program and movies. If you base an entry in a convention's costume call or masquerade on BBK, please write and tell me about it, as well as what kind of response you got. I'd also love to see any pictures you've scanned of your presentation or uniforms. That would be great to send around with an issue of the newsletter to show others what cool things BBKers are doing.


Just two weeks ago, I wrote about filking, singing folk tunes with science-fiction lyrics. I asked if there were any filksongs that mentioned BBK, and it wasn't long before I received this e-mail from Emma Lyons in Jollye Olde Englande:


>>I couldn't help but take what you wrote as a challenge, so here are a few BBK filksongs me and my friends at uni wrote:


To the tune of "Happy Birthday":

Bring back Kirky,

Bring back Kirky,

We miss him so much,



That one was by Kate.


To the tune of "I Want You Back in My Life":


We want you back on the set,

Want you back in Star Trek,
Cause that's where you belong.