The "Facts of Life"

What do fans of Star Trek, Kirk, and William Shatner have to say about Kirk's demise in Star Trek Generations? Read just a morsel of what we've gotten from fans, and come back to see more interesting, eyebrow-raising, and quite logical "Facts of Life" from fans as we get them!

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 "Kirk and Shatner both deserve a decent send-off, and Generations sure doesn't do that!"

" 'My God Bones, what have I done?'

'What you had to do.What you always do. Turn death into a fighting chance to live.'

And how is this, the greatest of heroes, not able to do so on Veridian III?

Surely, this error must be corrected."

"Why did they do it?  What brought them to the conclusion that they were going to kill him off?  What madness overcame them?  How simple would it have been to have him vanish into the Nexus, to be brought back whenever they needed him?  That way, they could have kept the big man in storage, so to speak, rather than watching him drop off a bridge to splat onto the bottom of a ravine!  What a waste!"

“The manner in which Captain Kirk was returned to the big screen only to be wiped out in short order was nothing but a cynical exercise unbefitting the the ethos that made Star Trek such a global phenomenon. Rather than respecting the past of the show that formed the bedrock of Star Trek the writers of Generations were so arrogant in attempting bring about their new ideas for the direction of Trek that they high handedly scrubbed out the single major epitomy of that glorious past. While leeching the obvious box office draw of a Captain Kirk return (as I recall the advert for Generations focused inordinately around Kirk despite him having minimal screentime) the writers failed to respect the truth that the Star Trek mythos and universe is greater than they themselves and eschewing humility in no uncertain terms slammed the door on the past and attempted to force a legion of fans spanning the world to adhere to their arrogantly chosen new direction. I have no problem with a new era being ushered in as is only natural, but it should have been carried out with far more grace and respect to both the fans and the ideals of Star Trek than was shown within Generations. There can be a brave new future to the trek universe, but that can sit alongside the past in harmony, it is not a case of one or the other, and this is the lesson that was so blatantly missed in the creation of Generations.”

"Kirk was revered for his cunning wit and wry humor.  Meanwhile, Paramount couldn't have picked a more witless and dull way for him to die. All Captains following Kirk have tended to take themselves too seriously. The writers and actors have forgotten what made the original so interesting to watch--a spirit of playful confidence, camaraderie, and fraternity that endured any trail or challenge (no reliance on tachyeon beams here, thank god).  Bring back Kirk and return some of the magic that made the original Star Trek so great."

"James Kirk was supposed to die alone on some far away planet, according to the writers of the ST movies. What happened? Where was the death that we were promised - one with honor? Where the heck was Spock? At least Generations could have included a true epitaph for him, in the form of an added scene. The first thing I thought of was Spock recovering Kirk's body. Couldn't someone shoot it and add it to Generations? As a DVD special edition? If not, then I fully expect another movie. NOW. (Please.)"

"Not only did they kill our hero, we didn’t even see Spock respond to it! And we know he would, as a true friend. Not only was Kirk killed, the entire friend/companionship Star Trek stands for was crushed at the same moment. Not only Kirk died, Star Trek and all it stands for died with him. We will not accept such an insult! Bring Back Kirk!"

"Captain Kirk is the best! I think Paramount was crazy killing him off like that! Spock would say it was illogical! Scotty would say they were daft! They should at least kill him decently rather than through him off a cliff like that. When Spock died his friends were there. Kirk at least deserves Spock there. Paramount was insane killing him that way. It's a disgrace to TOS and TNG and all the Star Trek movies. They're just mad doing it. That'sthe best way to put it."

"Well, in my opinion, Kirk is not dead. He is merely asleep, it is OUR job to wake him up from that planet and back to where he belongs. Commanding the Federation Flagship. WE must stand together against Paramount and demand of them they bring him back. Remember, their goal is to entertain us. Because that will make them money. Well, we are NOT entertained."

"I wish I could say that I disapprove of Generations only because of the bad story-telling.  I wish I could say I disapprove of Generations only because Picard suffers a lapse in all sound judgment when he ignores Guinan's advice that he can travel to any place/time by selecting the most difficult point in the movie to which he might return. I wish I could say I dislike Generations only because it was essentially the "rub-out" of the original in favor of the new. But I truly dislike Generations because they not only force us to swallow the death of Kirk, but they also present us with a death unworthy of a red-shirt from the Original Series. It is an insult that the powers that be would shove William Shatner into a movie almost as an after-thought, leaving his presence without even merit. Killing Kirk was the most abysmal depth of Paramount's Trek dealings--only bringing him back will undo what they've done! "

"Captain Kirk has almost been killed in every episode of Star Trek. After all the times he had almost died, we had to watch him fall down a mountain and get squashed by boulders. What better way to end his career then to to bring him back for thirty minute part then kill him for no reason. "

"When Kirk died, so did Star Trek, bring back Kirk."

"In my opinion, a death of a key character in a good movie or book must have a deeper meaning. I felt that the whole story of Generations was too 'constructed' to get both Captains together and to let Kirk finally die. And after Kirk's death, there was no word spoken about it. It seemed to me that no one really cared about Kirk's death. If no one is interested in his death, there is no need to kill him, because it doesn't increase the dramaturgy of the movie. Gene Roddenberry often said in interviews that 'Star Trek is about people'. In this case, it was not about James T. Kirk."

"I wasn't aware that there was such a large feeling regarding this issue. I must agree with you that the death of Kirk in Generations was a big disappointment. Personally I thought the "first death" on the Enterprise B to be more poignant. The reactions of Scott & Chekov particularly."

"Kirk was a victim of poor writing—he deserves better treatment, we all know that having Kirk back in another film for the last time would be one hell of a sucess at the box office. It's up to better writers to bring Kirk back for one last farewell appearance in a way that will delight BBKers, and suprise and enthrall the doubters."

"Lucky? Kirk wasn't simply 'lucky'! By his own admission he thought and cheated his way out of death. Luck does come into play of course, but one of the things that does make Kirk a great character (and Captain) is that very ability: to survive against the odds."

"I had no idea so many people felt as I did about Kirk dying in such a manner. You brought Spock back by some movie-magic, it has to be just as easy to find Kirk alive 'somewhere' and bring him back."

"Captain Kirk is a wonderful symbol of hope against all odds. I don't watch Star Trek to see hope die."

"I see no reason why the fictional world has to deal with Kirk's death. One of the wonderful things about fantasy is our ability to screen out what does not nourish our souls."

"Captain Kirk and crew still, to this very day, represent the mainstream phenomenon known as Star Trek."

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