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"Echoes of Destiny"

A few months back, we released the second official Bring Back Kirk trailer. This trailer was a success and got a lot of attention for the Bring Back Kirk campaign.

Well, one person, who has professional Star Trek experience, decided to help our cause by turning our trailer into a novelization. This person has taken the trailer, expanded the storyline, and divided it into two parts.

Part One will deal with the whole storyline involving Kirk's retrieval by Spock from the nexus, and Starfleet's role in accomplishing it. Part Two will involve that big battle.

Basically, thanks to this incredible though anonymous author, we will be able to treat Star Trek fans to a free Star Trek novel, based on our trailer.  Part one is available at the link below. Again, this will only be about half the story.

Echoes of Destiny - Part One

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