Ishmael, A Classic Star Trek Novel From Barbara Hambly

Written By: Gina Marie

Published: Issue 13


An author will often allow the reader to know things about the plot or the lives of the characters that even the characters do not know. In this case, the reader knows what has happened to Spock while Kirk is worriedly unaware. However, there is still much that the reader does not know about the situation ... small mysteries that are revealed as the plot unravels. That's what makes this novel such a good read. As a reader, one takes an interest in all of the characters, not just the familiar Starfleet officers.


While the plot is not exactly fast-paced, it is nevertheless engaging. Little of the plot occurs on a starship or starbase, which makes it a little more exciting in its unusual approach. It also gives the reader a rare glimpse of Spock's vulnerable ... more human ... side. In the end, the reader feels ... well, I won't give the ending away.


Suffice it to say that Hambly has done a wonderful job. This is a very exciting, intriguing, and entertaining novel. I would recommend it to Star Trek fans of all ages.


Rating: Highly Recommended