Fun Classic Trek Trivia Cards! All TOS!

Written By: Debbie

Published: Issue 14


Star Trek: The Game is a board game.... but it doesn't HAVE to be. : ) It was copyrighted by Paramount in 1992 as a board game. It really isn't available in stores anymore; but, can be found with a bit of searching. The cards MAKE the game!


When I attended the ST Card game event, a couple of months back, I found it at the event. It was #68,850 out of a collector's edition of 200,000. The game itself isn't unlike trivial pursuit. I ended up leaving the board in the box after playing with it twice, just as I did with Trivial Pursuit. :) and played with the cards, only. The BEST feature of this game IS the cards!!!!!! Each card has a TOS, color photo from an original episode and they're terrific!!! There are 200 cards in all, with graduated levels of difficulty.


The highest level card (Docking) might have something like: In ST II: The Wrath of Khan, what does the U.S.S. Enterprise do upon realizing that the Reliant can still "outrun us and outgun us"? Answer: They flee into the Mutara Nebula in order to even the odds. This is due to the fact that sensors and shields on both ships would be inoperative in the Nebula.


The easiest level card (Warp I) might have: In the episode "The Menagerie," Captain Pike was able to communicate two words through the use of a blinking light. What were they? Ans: He could signal "Yes" and "No".


These cards are great fun!!!!!! And they're ENTIRELY TOS... If you even find a partial game.... cards only.... it's worth the purchase! : ) : ) : ) You can leave the board in the box. : )


Rating: Recommended