The Trailers!

The Bring Back Kirk campaign presents their first Official BBK Trailer!

Trailer #2 is in the works. You can get a sneak peek HERE!

Please Note:
To avoid server overloads: If you intend to download the trailer and wish to play it again, please store it on a storage medium such as a CD-RW, Iomega Zip Disk, Iomega Jazz Disk or other storage media capable of handling multimedia files. Thank you for your understanding.


Size & Requires


Microsoft AVI/DivX Version

4.4 MB; DivX 5 Codec

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This file is compressed (aka "zipped") therefore you may wish to download a decompressor of .zip files known as WinZip (for Windows users). For users on other operating platforms (Linux, Mac, BeOS), please go to or (for Linux users). To solve problems of incomplete downloads, use GetRight, Download Accelerator Plus or FlashGet; available at

You can also view this trailer in various 200k and 56k streaming formats, such as Windows Media Player ASF, RealPlayer, and Quicktime Streaming.  You can see these versions at HERE.

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