Star Trek III: The Search For Spock

Written By: Peter Casey

Published: Issue 23, Monday, September 11, 2000


Of all the Star Trek movies, in retrospect, this entry would prove to be the most intriguing.


How was Nimoy going to pull it off?


Well, we had that clue at the end of the last picture that helped wipe away those tears.


But still, would it be too far-fetched? What type of story could be built around it? How could there even be a Star Trek without Spock?! And did Nimoy really want to lose his persona once and for all as the pointy-eared Vulcan? Questions abounded....


I remember waiting in line for over three hours with all the other faithful in order to get those answers ... and in the end, all was well again.


The loyalty, which was THE trademark of our Enterprise crew, shone like a beacon. Kirk, in one magnificent act, summed up his love for his friend and first officer for so long by sacrificing THE love of his life, the Enterprise. And how can anyone forget how all our heroes put their lives and careers on the line to save their comrade from Starfleet's shortsightedness?


The acting was superb. The effects were right on. The Klingons were a joy to watch in their wickedness. (They came along at just the right time to spice up the adventure, and also set the stage for the next great movie with their Bird of Prey.) I loved Christopher Lloyd as Kruge.


The ending brought it all together, and everyone was involved, Sarek to Saavik.


This was the most touching of all the TOS entries. Only The Undiscovered Country's "sign-off" was more moving, in my view.


So once again, we were together. With more great adventures to come, it was, in my opinion, the Golden Age of the TOS movies.


Rating: Highly Recommended