Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Written By: Peter Casey

Published: Issue 26, Monday, October 2, 2000


After viewing STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK, I was eagerly anticipating the ensuing motion picture. My eagerness was founded in STAR TREK III's intelligent script, preceded by the previous "comeback" and action-packed entry.


What the majority of us discovered was the magic of ALL of our heroes....


In a touching, humorous, enthralling, and most of all, magnificently reviewed motion picture, we were afforded the opportunity to see all the characters at their best.


Where else in ANY of the Star Trek pictures were we able to see Scotty and "Bones" wheel and deal for transparent aluminum, for example?


We saw a portion of all of our frustrations: Witness the bus/boom box episode with Kirk and Spock. How can we forget Kirk and Spock being thrown off San Francisco's bus system because they did not have money!!?? (Let alone exact change!?)


It touched us all. Our people appealed to everyone. And in addition, our actors DID carry it off, despite thinking of their abilities to the contrary by their critics.


I'm proud of STAR TREK IV, but not because it was the best of the TOS movie entries. It was not. I'm proud because, as I always knew they would, our people entertained EVERYONE!


As usual, the production qualities and special effects were "ship shape, in Bristol fashion".


Rating: Highly Recommended