Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Written By: Peter Casey

Published: Issue 24, Monday, September 18, 2000


Though it was fantastic that Star Trek had finally made it to the silver screen, our joy was short-lived.


Stories abounded that it was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing for all of us: The critics panned it as slow and ponderous. Additionally, Paramount did not make the profits they expected, and that was the most worrisome part. 


Things did not look good ... but somehow, Paramount came to its senses, and a miracle happened, one that gives us hope in our quest of today.


What was rumored to be at first a made-for-television movie turned out to be the most exciting, nerve-wracking, action-packed entry of all.


Nicholas Meyer rode in on his white horse and delivered a fabulous motion picture. From wire to wire we were, as DeForest Kelley put it in an interview shortly before its screening, kept right on the edge of our seats. Wow!


Great special effects. Super plot, solid acting and a movie linked to TOS.


Ricardo Montalban was at his best as the super-evil Kahn. (Bravo, Ricardo!) And do not tell me you were not shocked by the ceti eels' little show with Terrell and Chekov. (I'll never forget that look on Paul Winfield's face!) What more could you ask for?


Well, you got more. Kirk and Spock teaming up again to save the day. The crew rallying around Kirk. Not one, but several battles.


In the end, our heroes prevailed, but at a terrible cost. The death of Spock shook us all. But we were given hope of his return at the end of the picture. What a film!


I know I've said my favorite is Star Trek VI, but I will also say this: This is a VERY close second.


Rating: Highly Recommended